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Nazi Super Grass.
David Bradbury film:

This chilling story of terrorism in suburbia explores the dark underworld of neo-Nazis in Australia today.

There are exclusive, riveting interviews with Jack van Tongeren, jailed leader of the neo-Nazi Australian Nationalist Movement, and the man who betrayed him, police informer Russell Dean Willey.

Supergrass Willey emerged from deep cover and a new legal identity overseas to tell his extraordinary story on camera for the first time. Returning to Australia in disguise, he met the film crew at a secret rendezvous and spoke frankly about his years of crime, firebombing Asian restaurants and looting warehouses to finance a campaign of racial terror in Perth - once famous mainly for flashy millionaires and beautiful beaches.

In this rare insight into the making of a racist, Willey explains his fascination with the Nazi philosophy he learned from Van Tongeren. He tells how Nazism gave him the excuse he needed to vent his anger against the Asian migrants he resented so bitterly in his home town.

As the film shows the Australian Nationalist Movement was brought down by chance and clever police tactics that persuaded Russell Willey to "roll over" and turn police informer.

This powerful and disturbing documentary was produced by one of Australia's most distinguished filmmakers Anthony Buckley AM, and written and co-produced by Jan Mayman, former Australian Journalist of the Year and winner of the prestigious Gold Walkley Award. David Bradbury, a former ABC journalist, is noted for his exposes of terrorism in South America. He won an Academy Award nomination with his first documentary, on the Vietnam war.

AU $35.00 1 - Disc