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Secret Of Mary Magdalene

BMary Magdalene a sinner and prostitute, or the secret wife of Jesus and leader of his church? Secrets of Mary Magdalene strips away the veils of history to reveal the flesh and blood woman who served as Jesus' foremost apostle and possibly the love of his life.

Based on the non fiction book of the same name by best selling authors Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer, this documentary special uncovers the latest information on one of the world's most controversial religious figures.

The blockbuster status of the Da Vinci Code has sent millions in search of information about the elusive Magdalene and inspired a firestorm of debate among believers and non-believers alike.

Secrets of Mary Magdalene looks at this woman's historical impact and emerging legacy as a spiritual role model for the 21st century.

AU $29.95 (1- Disc)