The True Enigma Story

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The True Enigma Story

The spartan armies employed a secret code and Ceasar sent many of his dispatches back to Rome in code. It wasn't really until the early years of the 20th Century that codemaking and it's counterpart codebreaking became major weapons of war.

This was a war fought out by men armed with pencils rather then machineguns. Mathematicians, linguists, chess players and poker players all became transformed in to master codebreakers. Based around the codebreakers headquarters at Bletchley Park in the UK, this series of programmes tells the story of some of the greatest codebreakers who ever lived and who their work changed the nature of World War 2.

We reveal the hitherto untold secret war that went on behind Pearl Harbour, the Battle of Britain, and the greatest battle of them all that decided the fate of the war, the Battle of the Atlantic against he dreaded attacks of hte U-Boats. Codebreakers - filmed in colour and black & white - contains unique and previously unseen footage. This is a gripping insight into the wartime cryptanalyst's role; the tale of the enigma machine and its operators in all the theaters of World War 2.

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