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The Last Mogul

For over half a century only one man in Hollywood had absolute power to run the town, own the unions and even control Washington. A visionary who turned America's entertainment business into an empire, Wasserman's skill at manipulating both politicians and mafia bosses was legenday. He worked with everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Steven Speilberg, from James Stewart to Kevin Costner and his deal making was a notorious as his temper. The Last Mogul is Wasserman's rags to riches story from the mob controlled speakeasies of 1920's Cleveland to the top of Hollywood's A-List right through to his notorious final days. With exclusive and rare interviews from Hollywood heavy weights director Barry Avrich deftly strips back the facade of a Hollywood legend and reveals a truth even more grandiose than the best fiction tinsel town could ever produce.

AU $24.95 1 Disc