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Truth, Lies & Intelligence

Director: Carmel Traversy

Directed by award winning Australian filmmaker Carmel Travers, Truth, Lies & Intelligence is a decisive and compelling exploration of the intelligence fraud that led the Collation of the Willing to war with Iraq. Taken from a previously undocumented Australian perspective and featuring exclusive interviews with ex-Australian intelligence analyst Andrew Wilkie, former senior intelligence advisor to Colin Powell: U.S. Secretary of State, Greg Thielman, former Director General of the CIA James Woolsey and bestselling author Guzin Najim, an Iraqi refugee who spent six years under house arrest during Saddam Hussein?s regime before fleeing to Australia. With 170,000 U.S. troops now deployed in Iraq supported by a budget of US$200 billion, Truth Lies & Intelligence sheds light on a conspiracy of nations and reveals a land and its people devastated by a conflict based on deception and fraud.

AU $14.95 1 Disc